Sweat Shirt

The Sweat Shirt, which can also be called a golf shirt, is a shirt with a collar consisting of a placket which contains two button and  pocket to the side which can be optional. These Sweat shirts are mostly made of knitted cloth, usually pique cotton or in some cases interlock cotton.




The latest Sweat Shirt designs for 2017 contain a wide variety of clothes. For one example, Zegnas white maserati shirt is without doubt 100% of cotton. They contain short sleeves and they fit true to the size. A lot of the times, washing the cloth on machine can damage it; but the latest design of Zegna allows you to perform a cold hand wash or a machine wash at 30 degrees. EcoSmart Fleece Hoodie. Allover border print, bold and trendy burgundy color and lace chest make this an eye catching style.EcoSmart Fleece Hoodie. Allover border print.